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I will take the mountains… And I will do it, because mountain activity is invaluable

A walk in nature -e.g. in the woods, or in a park - can change brain function and improve our mood and health.

The fact that people in the city are at increased risk for anxiety disorders, depression and other mental health problems may ultimately be due to less contact with nature.

In our country we are lucky because we have mountains everywhere

The foundation of life in the last years is to dedicate time to what makes us forget and stop time ... This is done with great success by a hike or a walk in the mountains or in a beautiful forest listening to the rustle of the leaves, seeing the magic of nature ... This is how we shield ourselves from the negative energy of our daily life .. and as Odysseas Elytis has said: If you do not find Spring, you make it!
  So start with a simple hike, taking with you the essentials, but above all your good mood and you will discover the benefits of hiking! "
  This is exactly what led us to create Escape Activities.
We are mountain people who wanted to follow the dream of making our hobby a profession.
We both invested more than 2 years in specialized studies related to mountain activities where it was a one-way street for us to offer high quality services. So now we are graduates of the specialty "Mountain Escort", certified in First Aid and we are now one of the few professionals of the kind.
We are here to walk on the most incredible, beautiful paths of our country, and to guide you to places that few can visit through the canyons and beyond.

What makes us special?

Certified Canyon Guides

certified Canyon guides & trainers of the international organization  ICAN  (International Center of Adventure and Nature)

Professional Mountain Leaders

we are graduates of the specialty "Mountain Leaders"

Certified First Aid Rescuers

by ECSI (Emergency Care & Safety Institute)




We undertake to organize any kind of activity for

Contact with us | +30 697 586 2967

Athens, Greece

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